Next Cafe- FridayMarch 3rd. Amy Douglas and Lucy Wells present 'Wild Edric- Hero under the HIll'

The cry of a horn, the trample of hooves, Wild Edric rides over mynd and mountain.Protector of the land, hero of the people, warrior for peace and harbinger of war. A tangled story of love and war, loss and redemption. Storytelling, song and music combine to tell a story that resonates in the bones of the land. Wild Edric is the scarred hero of the Welsh Marches. He is the guardian of the rugged wild land that creases and rears up into the Shropshire Hills. His fairy bride, Godda, like the land, is untamed, beautiful and dangerous. The two form a bridge, between this world and the otherworld, holding the dignity of the old ways against the Norman onslaught.

Matlock Storytelling Café takes place on the first Friday of each month at the Imperial Rooms in Matlock. Doors usually open at 6.30pm with stories starting at 7.30pm. There is always cake of astonishing quality available at the Café along with various hot beverages. It is just fine for you to bring your own booze - it is Friday night after all...

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